Encourage your child to become a confident and independent learner, where each child feels like “making a difference”.

Learning through problem solving. Exploring a variety of potential solutions to promote critical thinking.

Instilling independence with fun-learning. Unlock potential by providing valuable praise to boost confidence.

We work with your child as an individual to unlock potential and encourage a love of learning which will stay with them for life. Each child benefits from individual attention and support. Our customized courses adapt to each learner’s snowflake abilities and needs, creating a unique program to elevate their learning experience.

All our instructors share a passion for education, as well as the enthusiasm, energy and motivation to build a real rapport with your child.  Like you, Go-eLearn passionately believes that instructors must single-mindedly love working with students to explain, communicate and constantly think of different ways to bring alive all the subjects we coach the learner on.

Your child will independently learn as the teacher answers their questions and as the teacher gives tests to regularly assess understanding. Our instructors at Go-eLearn are skilled to create manageable study modules and encourage learners to be self-organized, communicative, confident and motivated!

With Go-eLearn, your child will feel happy and positive to learn and progress. The supportive instructors get to know your child as an individual, offering constant encouragement, boosting confidence and correcting and reviewing mistakes with your child in a calm and understanding manner. Go-eLearn recognizes the unique talent which every child has and strives to bring out the very best in their ability.

As your child works through their own personalized program, our best in class facilitators will:

  • Teach the lessons based on the individualized program
  • Explain how to problem solve
  • Mark your child’s work, note down and explain improvements which your child should be aware of the next time they do a similar piece of work
  • Unlock potential by providing valuable praise to boost confidence
  • Encourage your child to become a confident and independent learner

Finding good facilitators and instructors is a long and hard process requiring determination and disciplined search skills. At Go-eLearn we find the right people and do everything possible to keep good people by creating a welcoming, bright and vibrant learning environment because we understand that if instructors enjoy teaching, then students will enjoy learning.

Once we find the best people to work with your child, Go-eLearn follows a thorough screening process before appointing instructors. As well as interviewing candidates to check their knowledge and subject expertise; as a final reassurance we know that parents want us to see the following documentation about instructors:

  • Facilitators’ Profile outlining professional teaching and any other work experience
  • Police and Back check certificate to show safety working with children
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education showing the teacher has gone through a recognized training program
  • Induction and Qualified Instructor Status certificates demonstrating real hands-on practical experience of teaching children in school class room environments
  • Evidence of a Degree or a Post Graduate Degree
  • Professional referees so we can vouch from peers in the teaching profession
  • Any other relevant Ministry of Education documentation
  • Facilitator’s on-line feedback and rating system